- Coaching

- Massage

- Mental preparation 

- Medical monitoring


Nydah 19 ans

200m: 25”98 / 400:m 58”58

“I have been training for the last 6 years with Albert because he is the first person to have believed in me and to have understood how to motivate me. I improve because he is very demanding, and the results are there. The most is that he is always present for me even during the wounds and we want to go further together. "

Ambition: The European Championships

Mathieu 20 ans

100m:11”35 / 200m:23”48 / 400m: 52”95 / longueur 6m66

"I started athletics five years ago with Albert, and since then I've been performing well with him. He's more than a coach, he's a mentor.” 

Firmin 34 ans

Taekwondo - Vice Champion du monde 2015 poids lourd

"Albert has been preparing me for two years at the Taekwondo World Championship 2017. He totally adapts the training to the rhythm of life of the athlete, taking into account the training, my work, my fatigue ... He is very attentive to mental well-being. It has a progressive program over the year which allows to increase in power, gradually and to obtain the best performances at the time of the competitions while avoiding the injuries."



"Albert has been following me for 4 years and he really personalizes his accompaniment. When I started training with Albert I had a very big problem of self-confidence. I always wanted to check, to validate the training in advance. I know that every training is precisely calculated, it freed me from the stress of the physical preparation and brought a great confidence in my sporting capacities and, thanks to Albert, A network of professionals to prevent injuries or allow for optimal remission.

Albert's coaching is very demanding, it requires that we give ourselves thoroughly, but it remains very fair and very human. I have never been as well boxed or as well surrounded as being coached by Albert. "

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Testimonials of athletes


- Coaching


- Massage

- Mental preparation



First contact

First test session is based on a personal and balance sheet.


Programme proposed by SBOL:

  • Fitness

  • Bodybuilding

  • From amateur to competitor 

  • Stretching and Relaxing

  • Massage wellness for athletes

  • Massage wellness in competition (before and after exercise)

  • Massage wellness for athletes, Stretching and Relaxing


Whatever your goals with a sporting follow-up, you make the choice of simplicity and comfort. SBOL will be at your disposal and will accompany you.


Coaching personnalisé

Individuel - 1 seance

60 €

Coaching en groupe

Maximun 4 personne - 1 seance

80 €

Programme personnalisé

Avec ou sans suivi

Sur devis

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Upper body

To allow to get rid of daily tensions

60 €

Lower body

To relieve people with frequent use of the legs

60 €

Session 45mn

60 €

Session 1h

70 €

Session 1h30

110 €

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Possibility to have variable prices according to the number of session.

Please feel free to email or call if you have any doubt or questions.

Contact, Albert TURLET, your Coach & Masseur wellbeing for athletes


Annual follow-up package (-25 years)

Weekly session on demande

50 €

Annual follow-up package (+25 years)

Weekly session on demande

100 €

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Amy 26 ans

400m: 60"20 / 800m: 2'17"40

"Albert takes care of my wellness preparation for 6 months. Thanks to his many tips on nutrition, recovery and mental conditioning, I have earned 4s out of 800 and 2s out of 400. He's really a great preparer who allowed me to gain confidence in myself and this is not limited to athletics. The little more, the call just before the warm-ups on the D-day. "

Speedy 37 ans

Professional dancer at the "Cirque du soleil"

"Since the end of 2015, Albert is in charge of massaging me regularly, so my body is still operational thanks to him, and his advice on relaxation has become a way of life in my daily life. One of the best massagers is essential, it is more of a masseur for me because it is available 24 hours a day for advice and follow-up. "

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"Ile de France" Boxing Champion

"After my long-term break due to an injury, Albert allowed me to fetch this title by making me regain confidence in me. I like to work with him because the training is very effective and adapted to my sport. Work on the track, Montmartre markets paid: I gained in cardio, muscle building, and especially the most important confidence in me! It's a professional job."


“Albert is there for me in the best and the worst moment since 4 years. He has taught me everything since the first day and he continues to teach me every day. He is a very good coach who knew how to channel me and teach me to self-discipline. "


"Albert is training me since 2 years now. I managed to reach my goals thanks to him: 43 minutes to the 10Km and 1h39 to the semi marathon of Paris. He is an amazing coach who has taught me how to self-discipline, to be assiduous and rigorous even when I was reluctant."

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Travail de la foulée
Renforcement musculaire
Travail de fréquence
Renforcement musculaire
Travail en groupe
Travail technique
Détente des cuisses
Détente du dos
Massage des mollets
Relaxation de la chevilles
Massage des ischios
Massage des mollets
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Détente des mollets
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