Network of professional coach and medical team

Sports coach


An accomplished sportsman, I started my activity in 2010. Thanks to my technical skills and pedagogical sense, I work with many high-level sports personalities, business leaders and other leaders.

As a Coach & Professional Sports Massager Specialist of the form, well-being and competition, I developed my own coaching method inspired by various disciplines such as athletics, or even dance, the well-being massage of the sports and many other team / individual sports.

Sports coach

Rodrigue BIKENE

Former fencing, handball, football and athletics athlete, I use my knowledge in all its disciplines and that acquired during my training as a sports coach specializing in "physical activity for all". I develop with each athlete a report of his sport practice taking into consideration his medical history to achieve short and long term goals. A single program is set up according to the objective to be achieved; fitness, weight loss, health sport.


Clément CORMI


Former athlete in 100 and 200m, I know the pathologies due to frequent practice of athletics.

I make a first diagnosis by observing the athlete immobile and then I make him do small movements to determine whether the pain or discomfort is due to a bone displacement or a muscle imbalances. The session then consists in gently manipulating the body to deal with mobility restrictions.




Former squash practitioner, I am aware of the link between dental affections and injuries or muscle inflammations, especially tendon joints. My goal is to take care of your teeth in the interest of your athletic performance.

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Psycho somatotherapist



I have a training in contemporary dance and sensory massage of well-being by the Camili method, and I further specialized in sports massage. My approach to psycho-corporal therapies allows athletes and artists to maintain their bodies to optimize their performance through tailored care. My goal is to help the participants of the program to find freedom of the body by concentrating my follow-up on the physical and psychic balance for a better autonomy with a humanistic accompaniment.

Sports doctor


Triple jumper's athlete, I know the injuries that the body undergoes during training sessions and competitions.

I allow you to have a medical follow-up that is complementary to your coaching and I performed the first diagnosis when you have serious injuries in order to send you to the best specialists that I work with.

Finally I know the anti-doping regulations, and I administer to you the appropriate treatments authorised by sports federations .

Mental educator


As a mental fitness trainer, I work with athletes to learn how to better manage stress, emotions, self-confidence, concentration and relaxation for the pursuit of performance and well-being.

Mental preparation combines the techniques of coaching, brief therapy and mindfulness to connect the body and mind to the service of everyone performance. This technique is initially reserved for top-level athletes, is now available in all areas such as work, sports or personal life.

This work is for anyone who wants to improve their abilities, to reach the performance wanted, optimize the right mindset and prepare for important deadlines.


Jérôme MORO


The aim of my specialty is to highlight static and dynamic disorders, imbalances and determine the impact of these disorders and imbalances on the bodies. This can cause tension on the muscles, tendons, fascia and joints. the goal is to allow physical activity without injuries.

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