Albert TURLET coach, professional masseur and passionate sportsman I offer you a high-class pedagogical accompaniment. Each training program is personally adapted to suit your needs. With him and his collaborators, you will find the follow-up that will enable you to reach all your fixed objectives.

My experience

I offer fun and varied sessions. The goal is to put you in the best conditions to achieve your goals. The pedagogy adapts to meet the needs of the practitioner.

I have been a sports coach for over 10 years and I work with people from all around the globe, with different problems. I make follow-ups for associations, companies and individuals. No matter if you are a top athlete or a regular athlete, your body is an extremely valuable material and I will do everything to take care of it. Whatever your goal (weight loss, muscle mass building, muscle building, toning ...), I will do my best to reach it at your own pace. I also have some notions in nutrition.

The real goal is to reach your goals while finding the most suitable method.


Typical session

We will begin with the warm-up in order to prepare the body for the session.

Depending on your objectives a session is set up in a playful and safe manner. This can be muscle building, cardio work, exercises with different materials (TRX, swissball, medicine ball, weight, elastic ...). An abdominal and lumbar work-out will be performed on all sessions. Different tests will be carried out during our collaboration to show you your evolution.

We will finish the session with a bit of stretching to see relaxation.



The first session is dedicated to understand your goals and determine your abilities. Then I made a personalised training program that will be provided to you. The sessions will take place either outside or at home .

Coaching and/or Massage well-being for athletes

To use Sport Breath of Life is to opt for a professional and effective accompaniment, all in a climate of confidence and good humor. Whether for a complete or partial sports follow-up.

If  you are a national or international athlete, I will be present for you individually or with a team on competitions or practices throughout Europe. This sporting follow-up will be organized in partnership with your coach, and my role is to optimize your results by performing mental coaching, massages to improve your recovery.

Why SBOL ?